Saturday, January 26, 2008

West Covina High School Recap

One Flag
1st: Channel Islands
2nd: Bishop Montgomery
3rd: Carson

12th Grade Male Solo
1st: Joseph from Oxnard

12th Grade Female Solo
1st: Shirley from San Pedro
2nd: Rachel from Oxnard

Two Flag
1st: Channel Islands
2nd: Narbonne
3rd: Bishop Montgomery

Who else thought that awards were incredibly obnoxious? I apologize for posting the wrong location for the awards. It was actually held in the Gym instead of the Cafe. The line-up I received stated that it was in the cafe, but I didn't find out until after the divisions that the awards were going to be held in the Gym.

If you purchased one of the programs with the awards with blanks you could fill in with the winners, you must've seen that at first, they sorta went in order (Officers A, Officers B, Pep flags (One flag), 12th grade solos) then they completely switched it up by going down the right hand column, down way below the two flag division, to the next page, then back to the right hand column. It took an awfully long time for them to finally get to two flag division.

And for the record, Bishop had 1 drop in One flag, and 3 drops in Two flag. If any other teams would like to share their information, please leave a comment.

Just copy & paste the code below!

Thanks to Hamtaro for sending me the line-up! I have posted the competition line-up for this Saturday (January 26th). This competition will start early, approximately at 8am! Make sure you set your alarm clocks for this great line-up featuring your favorite teams.

1609 E Cameron Ave West Covina, CA 91791
$7 Admission (subject to change)

One Flag
8:00amSan Pedro
8:30Channel Islands
Bishop Montgomery
Pep Flag Solos
Oxnard #1
Oxnard #2
San Pedro #1
San Pedro #2
Two Flag
9:30Channel Islands
Bishop Montgomery
San Pedro

1:00 Awards in the Bulldog cafe


Jr said...

hey Jen! could u post up a snippet of all the team's performances in the proffesional style like they do in their videos?

Lance in my Pants said...

JEN! I will see you there!

BEWARE. mua-haHA.

just kidding.

: ]

Jen said...

2JR: a professional looking snippet? I'll try lol I'm using windows movie maker, I don't know how professional that can look.

2Lance: oh no...hahaha

an alumni said...

so for sure... awards won't be at night with the night performers like it usually is?!? morning performers have a morning awards?!? coz i hate waiting for the end of the day for awards. =/

Lance in my Pants said...

Dear Anonymous Alumni:

yeah i heard about that too!

that there was just one awards ceremony in the evening (which is pretty bad seeing as to how the short-flag division is at 8AM, meaning most teams are there by 5am or 6am)

but when I attended West Co for the first time last year, there was a morning awards ceremony (for shortflags & other morning people) and an evening awards for noon performers.

assuming that things the times will be the same there will be a morning awards ceremony an hour or two after the 2-Flag division finishes.

hope that helped!

an alumni said...


it suuuuure did!! thanks! haha its already tough, as an alumni, to wake up EARLY to support the squad... but we have to wait?!? ugh! haha thanks again!

meekis said...

last year there were morning awards in the cafe area? i think thats what its called. that small ass room that was overflowing with everyone that competed and their supporters. that shit sucked. and we were all waiting for like 30 mins before they started announcing the winners.

Anonymous said...

the lineup says that theres awards at 1:00PM for morning

Lance in my Pants said...

yes meekis is right.

there was a "bulldog cafe"
for morning awards.

and i sweaAarRr, that room was the size of like, what, an average high school classroom, and there were probably like 30 teams from different divisions, & all their supporters, PLUS they were "running late" so it didnt start on time.

just in case the awards ceremony is another "claustrophobic fire-hazard sit & chill session"
GO EARLY! that is, if you want a semi-comfy seat!

Jr said...

hey jen, do you have the snippet online or are you still editing it.

Anonymous said...

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