Sunday, January 13, 2008

Twirl Techniques and Traditions

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*NOTE* I am commenting based on the current videos of the teams on youtube... I have not been to any recent competitions, so correct me if I am wrong :) Plus these are little snippets.. I can write a whole essay but it's not gonna happen :)


Arcadia... they tend to hit a lot of angles... they appear to have more of a pep side to them.... and they tend to have different twirl sections happening in the same time... i feel like they are incorporate more tricks into their routine the past year, and they are also incorporating more showy aspects i.e. their split line!
signature moves
* russian off a mount
* rippling split line
* "where they lay a flag across their feet and then kick it straight up" from Tiff

Bell... they twirl really smoothly, and if you look how they transition they appear to prance. They didn't incorporate alot of exchanges in last years routine. They appear to do a lot of levels & a lot of continuous twirling into and out of tricks.

Bishop.... they have a lot of technical tricks, they appear to do a lot of footwork when they are in their formations... last year they incorporated a lot of levels with angles and twirls and they constantly moves from one formation to the other.
signature moves
* The "Jenny"... twirling as they are sitting on the floor with their backs turned to the audience
* chaser ripple ending with a back bend on their knees
* one girl hides the other girl with their flags and opens up to various angles
* two flags held in the same direction to twirl out and become double flag / 2 flag drag
* "friendship circle" when members of a team face the center of a circle to grab the ball of the flag shaft of the team-member to the left.

Added by Anonymous
* "hey oh yeah"
* toss and catch from their back

Carson... they do a lot of fast twirling and incorporate breaks into that by hitting various angles. They have a lot of little things going on in the routine. They appear to do a lot of technical tricks which are really closely to their bodies and their transitions are really quick... they do an insane amount of footwork! They are usually great in showmanship with flexibility and very bouncy especially when it comes to marching.
signature moves
*twirling during the kickline
*the showoff- angle line
* switch kick to a split
*chauser ripple- where they side hop, turn, then hit an angle
* they line up, half the girls do an arabesque and the other half tosses a flag under the other's leg * Twirling with Three flags at the same time

Channel Islands... ci for short... they do a lot of showy things... they are well known for hitting their angles really sharp.. meaning fast and accurate. They are a performance squad so watch closely, they transition very well between formations, and they use the floor space very well!! They usually perform their moves very sharp.
signature moves
* chaser sequence with the back bend
* booty shakin' line sequence
* 1 flag- line sequence before the floor crawls
* 1 flag- floor crawls in a line turning into half the squad tucking and rolling while the rest of the team
* switching flag patterns during a routine

Glendora... is definitely a pep team... they have a lot of artistic dances movements incorporated with their tricks, they twirl sharply, which is in my opinion is twirling but as the flag rotates downward they give it a little force which makes a swoosh sound.
signature move
* self-exchange while doing an illusion

Hoover... they have excellent showmanship, they tend to do a lot of angles, and they tend to make angles as a transition between twirls. They have a bit of pep in their style and with their tricks, they incorporate a lot of flag rolls. I personally would like to see them do more tricks!
signature moves
* scorpion into a back leg extension

Long Beach Poly... or LBP as I've come to know them, is a squad that does a large amount of technical tricks with the incorporation of fast twirling. They do a lot of levels and different twirl sections but I believe that their twirling in 06' is much more smoother than '07.
signature moves
* they pick up the flag with their foot
* the trick where they toss the flag and quickly switch the free flag from one hand to another

Added by Anonymous
* poly's ending where they toss a flag, double toe touch to a split
* drop from their back to the opposite hand

Morse... they are also known for their showmanship, they have become more showy this past year, as well as more clean. They twirl smoothly and their formations changes are subtle but noticible. I personally would like them to do more technical tricks! They have added lots of tricks involving their legs and flexibility.
signature moves
* Transitioning from V to ^
* From a crouch, pop up with legs apart, down to a split
* Flag tricks to a ripple squence."where they do 2 flag tricks and then end with hitting their T angle and then there L Angle.

Narbonne... they are know for their transitions in and out of formations. Their twirling flows from one segment to the next and they too appear to have an artisitic dance influence in their routine. They are also known for their kickline segment! They twirl at a slower pace than others, but have the cleanest planes.
signature moves
* their kickline
* the chaser sequence
* twirling while body rolling
* their trick line
* 1 flag - they are in a line doing a cha cha like footwork half the team turns around twirls while simultaneously the remainder of the team whips their head back
* leg extension to a scorpion

Oxnard... is a squad that has incorporated intricate technical tricks with fast twirling. They constantly move in and out of formations and do a lot of levels as well. They are improving fast!!
signature moves
*self exchange - they form a circle, toss the flag in the air, rotate positions and catch it
* their kickline
* tricks that involved tossing it between their team mates
* the trick that goes under their leg
*1 Flag: "the Tri-Angle series, where we hit 3 angles in a row, one right after the other (the T to the front, the pacman/"K" to the side, and a diagonal facing the front again)" from Lance

San Pedro... they have improved a lot this year in my opinon. Their twirling is a lot more smooth and they have a lot more technical tricks. Their twirling speed appears to be laid back which is nice because you can actually see what they're doing. It would be nice if they were to incorporate more footwork. :)
signature move
* slow twirling with body roll

Temple City... has a lot of visuals in their routines. They also incorporate a lot of lyrical dance movements with their twirls and have a bit of a pep style in their routines. They work a lot with ripples and they have a lot of multi-parts in their routines.
signature moves
* adding lyrical dance movements into their routines i.e. illusions
* part of the team makes a barrier and the rest of the team tosses the flag over it and runs under and catches it on the opposite end.
* temple city's "flower looking thing" where they face the flags towards the center while in a circle, fouttes -Added by Anonymous

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Graduated Gram-Gram said...

haHA i agree with them all

even oxnard!

especially since oxnard pep flaggers are kinda like new-age turn of the century teams that literally popped out of nowhere & nothingness in only 2002 or 2003 or something.

most of the other teams listed have strong, powerful and legendary histories from the 1970's and 1980's, so more power to these new underdog teams who are creating the first few chapters of their history books


don't let pep flags die.
i kinda want my kids to go to schools where pep flags is actually KNOWN and POPULAR!


PS: good luck saturday.

tiff said...

starting last year, arcadia's been doing a trick where they lay a flag across their feet and then kick it straight looks really cool when it's done right hahahaha

Anonymous said...

how about...
poly's ending where they toss a flag, double toe touch to a split

temple city's "flower looking thing" where they face the flags towards the center while in a circle, fouttes

bishops- "hey oh yeah"

Anonymous said...


bishop's toss and catch from their back

poly's drop from their back to the opposite hand

Anonymous said...

Channel Islands:
i think these are traditions, they do them every year and they look cool!

1-Flag: 2 Broncos in a row
(horizontal twirl underneath left leg and then the right leg one after the other, almost looks like 2 kicks, one with each leg one right after the other)

2-Flag: a bronco (described above) that ends with them holding both flags up over their heads like a handle bar

i think other teams like carson, oxnard, and morse all do these broncos but Channel Islands does them with a little twist every year

Anonymous said...

Arcadia's knee bounce trick is pretty cool!

Anonymous said...

San Pedro Shorties usually bobble their head at the end of a routine. No one has done that b4

Anonymous said...

i don't know about the head bobble.. it's more of like a facial expression rather than a trademark. Schools pucking up their lips is a trademark

Anonymous said...

what is oxnards trademark kick line?

Lance in my Pants said...

Oxnard's kickline?

as far as I can remember we've been doing this French can-can thing where when we get into a kick line,

but only every other person faces the same direction for each kick, so its one person forward, one backward, one forward & so on for one kick,

then we all spin and face whichever direction we weren't originally facing,

and we keep changing from front to back for however many kicks we have...

I hope that made sense, it honestly took a good 5 minutes to describe our kickline in words... haHA.

hope that helped!

Jr said...

Is Narbonne's Trick Line the same as their ball trick (where they hold the flags at the opposite ends, put them together, and push one flag into the air and catch it)

Narbonne's split part where they hold one flag near their chest and the other pointing diagonally while doing splits.

Anonymous said...

i'm not sure if this counts, but carson USED to wear a heart on their cheek..? its not really a twirl technique but it was a tradition!

Let's Go Knights! said...

I looooooooove that The Jenny is considered a Bishop tradition! That has been around for almost 20 years! But do you know which Jenny was the inspiration for the name of the trick? She was Channel Island's 1986-1987 captain...she led her team to their first year in the 2-Flag division. Awesome person...I believe she was valedictorian that year, too.

As for the back-bended chasers, Bishop was one of the first teams to do it in competition...and CI used a variation of it when they first came out.

So, born out of mutual respect and admiration, tricks are created and traditions continue to live on!


Anonymous said...

what about narbonne's floor work and the ball twirl in thier routines?

Anonymous said...

Channel Islands really does have 2 girls roll on the floor while the rest do their kickline.

Anonymous said...

where is crescenta valley on this list?