Thursday, January 10, 2008

Graphics for Regionals Weekend

Making up for missing graphics, so I just added on the competitors from Schurr even if they're not on the regionals line-ups.

Also, updated with Bell's new uniform.

Dear Oxnard, sorry it takes a LOT of time for me to draw out a new character (i.e. a boy), so it will take a little while longer. Boys are REALLY hard to draw for me.

For the fliers, don't save them! Just copy and paste the code listed under the competitions..and I'll try updating them as soon as I get the information.

ALSO! I added a new slide show feature in the right column. I know at every competition people take a WHOLE bunch of pictures of everyone and almost everything! So, to share a little bit easier, you can just email your pictures as an attachment to this email (it was a random assigned one). Just type in the title of the picture in the subject line and a description of it in the body of the email. It would be really neat to see what pictures you guys take at each competition!


Lance in my Pants said...

haHA no pressure for a male drawing jen. me & the oxnard boys are happy with w/e you create.

im still happy with the DisneyLand/Mickey Mouse one you drew me 2 years ago!

take it easy. : ]

take care!

PS: are you going to West Covina?

Jen said...

Yup! Will I be seeing you there?

Lance in my Pants said...


I'm still sad about Regionals : [

fingers crossed for West Co!


Jen said...

fingers are CROSSED!

Andrew said...

where's morse?