Thursday, January 17, 2008


Hey everyone, in just two days the beginning of the competition season will finally arrive! It's an exciting time for twirlers, alumni, and spectators to come together and watch a year of hard work unfold. We will be there for every smile, every facial, every toss and every drop. As we watch the teams perform we all share a common ground, WE ALL LOVE PEP FLAGS. For many of us, it's a chance to relive those moments we had, watch for the traditions that are kept alive, and for the most part, satisfy our curiosity of what Nationals, as well as the rest of the competition season, is going to be like.

We all have to remember and keep in mind that all the teams competing this year have worked their butts off for a particular goal, whether it be that 1st place trophy or making it past prelims. The name of a team shouldn't hinder us from giving the recognition that each twirler DESERVES!

Pep Flags is a sport that requires, dedication, perseverance, coordination and endurance. Each team works just as hard as the other, so isn't that enough to give everyone the support and credit they rightfully deserve? I think so!

Kaylacone is right, it should all be about PEP FLAGS, and not who is the best or who copies from who. We're a community that is unlike anything else, we are dance, cheer, and colorguard all rolled into one, and who can beat that!?

So when we're out there lets cheer mainly for the sport! We all have our differences and opinions but let's leave them at the door and have some fun! See you all at Regionals!

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