Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a new year...

Already the first competition has passed at the drama begins once again.

I post events here to carry on the sole purpose that Jenny intended for this website: to inform people of this great thing called Short Flags (or whatever your team may call it) and unite our small, but proud community. I know Jenny on a personal level and I know that she is busy with college life so I try to make an effort to take time out of my busy schedule to keep the site updated... at least with upcoming competitions.

Once upon a time, in 2007, before this site was created, there was a blogger who stole the YouTube persona "qtwirl," the YouTube user who first initially started posting videos of Short Flag routines at competition. Under the alias, xanga.com/qtwirl used his/her blog to bash on each and every competitive team. The pep flag community was in an uproar and united against this person. People even tried to figure out who this person was so they could approach the situation in person. For one time, instead of people (teams, supporters or alumni) talking shit about others in the pep flag community, they banded together and defended each other against the backlash that was xanga.com/qtwirl.

If you have a xanga account, you can read all the posts that he/she wrote, as well as remarks that others left to talk back to "xanga qtwirl," as everyone referred to he/she as. Even at 2007 USA Nationals, teams united after awards to take pictures and even made a video especially to talk back to the person. You can find one of the videos of that here: message to xanga.com/qtwirl.

Honestly, though I find many of the anonymous posts people leave on this blog amusing, it does not show our small community in the best of light. Someone may stumble upon this website after discovering Short Flags at a competition and this is what they are going to read? Hateful messages, shit talking, etc.? Granted this is a highly competitive sport, and people are free to say whatever they want, I just feel like we need to remember a time where one person took it upon him/herself to HATE on us. And how we felt so strongly about this community to talk back.

I admit that my girls do keep to themselves at competition, but not "walking around like they own the place." They are just staying focused and getting in the zone. I don't think it should be taken as anything else but that. Blatant attacks on teams or their alumni should have no place here on this blog. It's funny that some of the So Cal comments refer to one of our alumni, Tiffany, and she wasn't even at the competition. Which goes to show that people who weren't even there are trying to cause drama. Because if they were there, they would know she wasn't.

In this new decade of Short Flags, maybe we should all collectively agree to show better sportsmanship. I know in this competitiveness, pride is very high... people should be able to say what they want. But do this among yourselves and your team. There is no reason we should be posting it on here.

But hey, whatever I think or say, people are still going to do it right? So let's not take offense to anything people post here. I just laugh at all the silly remarks. I mean, most of its anonymous anyway... for all we know, xanga.com/qtwirl is still among us right now.

Here's a lil photo I found that someone made on Facebook. You have to click on the image to see the whole poster.

Imagine a whole series of Short Flag Bring It On movies?! =)

Saturday, December 11, 2010

so cal holiday classic @ anaheim convention center


1st - Oxnard

2nd - Hoover
 (3rd - Oxnard)

Monday, September 20, 2010

UCSD Triton Twirl Flags Tryouts

For those of you who are UCSD students (undergrad and graduate) and are interested in joining Triton Twirl, here is some more information about tryouts!

Twirl Clinics
10/4 RIMAC Activity Rm. 1 @ 7-830p
10/7 MAIN GYM Conf. Rm. @ 8-930p
10/9 MAIN GYM @ 11-1230p
10/11 RIMAC Activity Rm. 1 @ 7-830p
10/13 MAIN GYM @7-830p

Actual Tryout Date
10/14 MAIN GYM Conf. Rm. @ 8-930p

It is very important to come to the first twirl clinic because we do need you to fill out some forms as well as give you a flag for tryouts. We do have a limited amount of flags and they will be given out on a first come basis. If you are unable to make the first twirl clinic please let us know.

Please wear comfortable attire to tryouts =)

If you have any questions please feel free to email us back at ucsdflags@gmail.com. Hope to see you on Monday Oct. 4th!

We will also be at the UCSD Student Org. Fair on Library Walk on Oct. 7th answering questions!

Friday, March 26, 2010

usa nationals @ anaheim convention center



2 Flags

  1. Channel Islands
  2. Morse
  3. Carson
  4. Long Beach Poly
  5. Bishop Montgomery
  6. Narbonne

1 Flag

  1. Morse
  2. Channel Islands
  3. Bishop Montgomery
  4. Carson

Saturday, March 20, 2010

miss dance drill team usa @ uc irvine bren events center

One Flag
 1st: Channel Islands
 2nd: Bishop Montgomery
 3rd: Long Beach Poly

Two Flag
 1st: Channel Islands
 2nd: Narbonne
 3rd: Long Beach Poly

 1st: Channel Islands
 2nd: Kyoei Gakuen (Japan)
 3rd: Bishop Montgomery

Overall High Point in Short Flags Divisions
 Channel Islands (2-Flag Routine)
 Exhibition Video

Saturday, March 13, 2010

West Coast Pep Flag Championship

Sharp will be holding a West Coast Pep Flag Championship on March 13 at Carson High school. This is the first of it's kind so let's try and make it a huge success.

Click here to register.


Hey everyone here's the line up for Sharp International @ Carson High School on March 13th.

PEP FLAG SOLOS - Multi Purpose Room
  Steffany - San Pedro
  Jenelle- Carson
  Marlene- Carson
  Lezzie- Carson

PEP FLAG 1 FLAG- large gym
  San Pedro (JV)
  San Pedro (Varsity)
  Bishop Montgomery

PEP FLAG 2 FLAG- large gym
  San Pedro (JV)
  Carnegie MS
  San Pedro (Varsity)
  Bishop Montgomery

Saturday, February 20, 2010

street dance usa @ soka university

Miss Dance Drill Team USA is NOW including a SHORT FLAG division at their annual Street Dance USA competition! It's not too late to add this to your list of great competitions to attend this competition season, as the venue is great and the MDDTUSA staff are amazing!

Street Dance USA will be held on Saturday, February 20, 2010, and is hosted by Miss Dance Drill Team USA, who has been bringing us the Annual Miss Dance Drill Team USA Pageant for 43 years. The competition is located at the beautiful Soka University in Aliso Viejo, CA. SIGN UP NOW!!! Good luck to all of the teams who sign up for this competition!

-When filling out form, just cross out Open and/or Dance Team under the Dance/Drill Division on the Team Entry Application form, and write in Short Flags (1-Flag) and/or Short Flags (2-Flag).

Soka University
1 University Drive
Aliso Viejo, CA 92656

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sharp International @ El Monte High

Hey everyone!

Here is the tentative schedule for the competition at El Monte High School on February 13, 2010!

1 Flag
- Bishop Montgomery

2 Flag
- San Pedro
- Bishop Montgomery


Good luck to all teams performing!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Sharp International @ Knotts Berry Farm

Here's the tentative schedule for the competition at Knott's on January 30, 2010!

Good luck to all teams performing!

winter celebration @ west covina hs


 1st: Bishop Montgomery
 2nd: Channel Islands

 1st: Carson
 2nd: Channel Islands

Pep Flag Solo
 1st: Bishop Montgomery

Sunday, January 24, 2010

usa regionals @ orange lutheran hs


 1st: Bishop Montgomery
 2nd: Long Beach Poly
 3rd: Hoover

 1st: Carson
 2nd: Bishop Montgomery
 3rd: Long Beach Poly
 4th: Hoover

Saturday, January 23, 2010

usa regionals @ agoura hs


 1st: Channel Islands
 2nd: Bishop Montgomery
 3rd: Narbonne
 4th: Carson

 1st: Channel Islands
 2nd: Carson
 3rd: Bishop Montgomery
 4th: Narbonne

Sunday, January 17, 2010

usa winter classic @ sdsu

Here is the tentative schedule:

One Flag

Two Flag

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Sharp International @ Duarte hs

Here is the tentative schedule for the competition at Duarte High School on January 9th, 2010!

Duarte High School
1565 Central Avenue
Duarte, California 91010

Good luck to all teams competing!

- Temple City
- Bell