Saturday, January 19, 2008

Regionals at Agoura HS Recap

Here are the placings for the Regionals at Agoura High school!
One Flag
1st: Channel Islands
2nd: Bishop Montgomery
3rd: Narbonne
4th: Hoover
5th: Oxnard
6th: Bell

Two Flag
1st: Channel Islands
2nd: Morse
3rd: Bishop Montgomery
4th: Narbonne
5th: Temple City
6th: Carson

Also, I have posted an edited video of most of the teams (sorry Hoover, I came late) performing their routines at the competition! They are edited in the order of placings starting with 6th place and ending with first place for the two divisions. Excuse our random cheering, the random paper flags, and the children who were sitting in front of us. We didn't have the heart to stop cheering, or to tell the children to just stay put. So please excuse the rough video. Enjoy!

Just copy & paste the following code!

USA has finally posted the line-up for the competition next Saturday (January 19th). So far, has a number of schools performing for both one and two flag!

Agoura High School
28545 W. Driver Ave. Agoura Hills, CA 91301 (Directions)

$6 Admission

One Flag

1:45Channel Islands


Bishop Montgomery
Two Flag

2:30Channel Islands


2:45Bishop Montgomery

Temple City

Awards following Promptly

I will be updating soon with graphics for each team as well as fliers to advertise the competition, and any updates to the tentative schedule!


Jr said...

Why isnt Morse going 2 Agoura?

Anonymous said...

YAY! Comps!! I'm so excited.

LBooGiEonE said...

Looks like Morse is going~!

Anonymous said...

the date on the picture is wrong, it says jan 26th but it should say 19th