Sunday, January 20, 2008

Regionals at Orange Lutheran Recap

Here are the placings for the Regionals at Orange Lutheran High school!

One Flag
  1. Bishop Montgomery
  2. Carson
  3. Long Beach Poly
  4. San Pedro
  5. San Gabriel

Two Flag
  1. Long Beach Poly
  2. Bishop Montgomery
  3. San Pedro
  4. Temple City
  5. Glendora
  6. Arcadia

Here's the newest snippet of the teams!

And here's my picture if you were looking for me. I'm on the right.

Just copy & paste the following code!

USA has finally posted the line-up for the competition next Sunday (January 20th). I guess no one has signed up for the one scheduled in SDSU. So far, has a number of schools performing for both one and two flag!

Orange Lutheran High School
2222 N. Santiago Blvd Orance, CA 92867 (Directions)

One Flag
 1:30 p.m.
  Bishop Montgomery
  Long Beach Poly

 1:45 p.m.
  Bishop Montgomery
  Long Beach Poly
  Temple City

 3:25 p.m.

I will be updating soon with graphics for each team as well as fliers to advertise the competition, and any updates to the tentative schedule!

Wow, seems I've got my work cut out for myself since there are SO many schools!


Anonymous said...

MY PREDICTIONS: two flag has a weaker field here... Bishop Montgomery has a better chance taking the title here than at Agoura... could be a toss up with them and Poly for 1st and 2nd though, with Arcadia in 3rd, Glendora and Temple City in 4th/5th, and Bell dead last.

Anonymous said...

yes i think youre right. with carson and narbonne at agoura its less likely for bishop to actually place high.

they have potential but i dont think they are at narbonne's and carson's level especially since both squads are strong this year

Anonymous said...

BOTH teams are strong? I reckon all THREE are strong! all three of them were at camp and who came out on top?!

I wonder. Narbonne looked like they gave up

Anonymous said...

don't mark narbonne out just yet!
btw. who did come out on top at camp???

i think everyone has an equal chance at regionals since its the first major event of the season. as for bell coming dead last? idk, from what ive seen there's an awful lot of talk about them being good this season in the mainpage chatterbox.

i think its all up in the air. : )

Jen said...

Bishop Montgomery actually took first at camp (shocking? YES)

I believe anyone has a shot to be on top. We'll just have to wait and see

Anonymous said...

yes bishop came up on top at camp. but what happened at CAMP in 06?

oxnard came out on top and narbonne and morse were placed LOW. then looked what happened at nationals? NARBONNE 2nd and MORSE 3rd. where was oxnard? 6th.


sorry to say but it is unlikely for two EXTREME events to occur in a row. EXTREME as i mean bishop getting first. YET,

i still think it is a toss up between long beach and bishop since the big 3 arent here.

Why is bishop competing at both anyway? Its a waste of money since they're going to agoura and everyone knows that most of the teams will qualify for nationals.

Is it really worth the money to beat those small teams?

mark_anthony said...

Competitions are never a waste of money. For a lot of teams, it's a chance for them to get out in front of an audience and get used to the competition atmosphere. Especially if their new members aren't confident enough on the competition floor. It also gives another opportunity for family, friends, alumni and supporters to go watch them perform while competing against teams. Maybe someone who couldn't watch them on Saturday can go on a Sunday?

This whole weekend is going to be a toss up, because really only a few teams have actually showcased their routines for people to make predictions off of. Everyone else is going off of the histories of each team.

And if its so EXTREME for Bishop to get first, then is it safe to say that last year it was EXTREME for Morse to get first? I mean, at least Bishop has SOME nationally credited titles listed on Wikipedia. So Morse's win must have been a MIRACLE then, huh? [sarcasm]

It's going to be anyone's day, as it is at ANY competition. Look back at past years and you can see that. Prelims 2006 USA Nationals: 1st- Long Beach Poly, 2nd- Channel Islands, 3rd- Carson.

We all know who came on top when Finals rolled around though.

Good luck to everyone competing next weekend. It's going to be an exciting one. =)

Anonymous said...

it IS EXTREME because it didnt happen again. CORRECT?

im sure YOU were surprised morse got first too.

mark_anthony said...

Actually, my bet was on Bishop last year at Agoura. I thought they were going to take first. So I WAS surprised...

But not the way you're trying to imply. I know my girls had a bad last toss/exchange, with all the mid-air clashing flags and it would be in the minds of the judges when they started scoring. It was one of the last things they saw before the routine ended. So I knew there was a possibility that we could not place first.

I thought Bishop had a great routine that day, with minimal drops and mistakes, great energy and a good show.

So I was surprised that Morse got first, but they did have a clean routine that day. So kudos to them.

What's EXTREME about this site is how a lot of people like to have strong opinions on things, but yet hide behind an anonymous moniker. There are only a handful of people here that we can put a face to an opinion.

I just guess that some people are not comfortable leaving themselves vulnerable by stating who they are alongside there opinion. It's all good... because then I guess there wouldn't be any talk happening if you HAD to leave your name. People would not comment.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see in a week if anything EXTREME happens at Agoura or Orange Lutheran.

Anonymous said...

so you're basically saying your opinions are better than everyone else's?

get off your pedestal

Anonymous said...

^I don't believe there is a need to call for such animosity towards Mark. He does bring up a good point, since most who remain anonymous are simply bashing on other users who are oh so strongly opinionated revealing themselves as only narrow minded because they feel the need to always back up their opinions in the most negative way possible. It's almost to the point where people are instigating -- over the internet. Or more so, participating as e-thugs. :eyeroll: Now honestly, ask yourself if that's to be considered a GOOD thing before you begin mouthing off again!

And I must agree with Mark when he says that competitions are never a waste of money, actual competing is a much different atmosphere and it's good practice for all the teams. ANYONE does have the chance to place in a higher or lower status, since every year there are new girls and new routines. Just because of "past experiences" or whatever doesn't always mean that other schools haven't tried harder to place better this year. IT IS a new year, and IT IS the present. So really, just chill out and enjoy the show coming this weekend and good luck to all the teams competing.

Oh and btw, did I miss something? I thought it was called Pep Flags not Hate Flags. Cut the drama! Pep squads should simply represent their school's spirit and UNITY, so why the division among the fans and supporters (I suppose you could add the teams in the mix, too). Pep flags should be a COMMUNITY and not a group of acquaintances who mouth off about EVERYBODY. In short, "pep flags drama" is no better than a group of catty girls fighting over a boy. It's stupid, it's pointless, it's a waste of time.

What's so bad about being friends and just getting along?

Anonymous said...

its not about "wasting" money and its not about "beating those small teams" thats the worst thing ive ever heard..all the schools care about flags as much as the next and to label them as that is terribly crass and insulting. each school and year has their own reasons for not placing as high as the next team. but every school does a wonderful job.

mark_anthony said...


I didn't know that I was even on a pedestal. You know, I did start OFFICIALLY coaching Channel Islands during the 2004-2005 season. So I went through Channel Islands "down" years. I know what it takes try to pull a team up from nothing. In 2005-2006, we only had 2 veteran members... the previous year's new members: it was only their second year. The other 4 were brand new. Then 2007 came and the 5 out of the 6 that stayed on the team had improved and worked so hard to achieve what they accomplished while helping strengthen their 2 new members. And don't think that wasn't a lot of hard work, time and dedication.

I never said that anyone else's opinions don't matter. I don't think of myself or my opinions as better than anyone else. That remark just shows the fact that you don't really know me and the type of person I am.

Before you start attacking other people, you better read exactly what other write. And NO ONE is perfect. If I did write something that seemed like I was talking down toward others opinions, I apologize. That was NOT the intention.

These comments serve as a debate about our community and if you want to commit the fallacy of ad hominem, go right ahead. Attacking someone doesn't discredit facts they are stating to argue against your viewpoint. Back it up with some counter arguments.

Unless you really didn't have anything to say at all and just want to stir up drama.

I love watching pep flag teams. I wouldn't be here if I didn't. It's the intrigue of the routines and the creativity of their twirls & tricks that made me want to learn how to twirl. I'm not out to bash other teams or the people affiliated with them. That is not professional nor correlates with what I believe is proper conduct within ANY community.

To all the teams, keep up what you are doing. You are what keeps me wishing comp season was every season.


kaylacone said...

hello to everyone! well i have been visiting this site for a couple of weeks ever since i found out of its existence.i think its wonderful to have a whole blog dedicated to flags because there is NOTHING else out there for people who love and live it.but i cant help but notice the animosity people have over the idea of who is better...

i mean dont you think that any squad,any girl [or guy] for that matter, with the guts to get out on that floor and twirl their heart out deserves at least a tiny bit of recognition??
it shouldnt be about the front runners and the [BIG THREE] it should be about PEP FLAGS.period.
because experience and past reputations doesnt mean anything when it comes down to leaving it on the floor when you need to. the best squad can have their worst routine at the worst time..and the least likely squad can surprise far as im concerned im rooting for the people qho arent being talked about because they have more to prove,and the other squads [while very good and talented dont get me wrong,thats why everyone talks about ONLY THEM]
often times having more to lose so its way more pressure to crack under.

Lance in my Pants said...

San Gabriel is performing? thats cool.

is this their first time?

My cousin went there but she said that short-flags was too hard for her, plus they didn't really compete, so I was just wondering. Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

is the schedule on top for orange lutheran correct ?

i wouldnt say anything yet till tommarow :]

$tepanty. said...

haha ew jenny, what a heinous picture of me.