Saturday, January 12, 2008

Temple City First Look

Here's the first look of Temple City's 2007-2008 team performing on their home court! as directed from a fan on the chatterbox.

Posted by canbace


Anonymous said...

ok temple city...

your beginning is very strong but have you thought of adding some formation changes or footwork to the girls in the back? also, you'll add difficulty by making everyone do splits, and make sure to hold them for a few counts. nothing is proven by simply staying in your splits for 1 second.

your girls doing the illusions in the front, make sure their timing is the same and the level of their legs are the same. maybe LEVEL the girls in the back so the front 3 really show through?

make sure you guys hit your angles and dont rush through your moves.

maybe play with more levels and footwork throughout the routine?

i love the way the girls drop into the split.. really innovative and creates a nice visual with the levels..

clean up your formations a bit.. its hard to see what youre getting at with messy formations..

one thing... do your girls HAVE to toss to themselves? it shows SOME difficulty, but it would be a lot more visually appealing if they tossed to someone else?

i love the girls that do the pirouettes and the scorpion into the leg extension.. HOWEVER, its hard to see either if they're doing it at the same time. its VERY interesting how they do it solo but have you thought of just showcasing 1 at a time so they can shine through at different moments? it'll add a lot more to your routine.

your kickline... its somewhat confusing with the ripples of the girls off the side... maybe just keep everyone doing the same thing.. it'll show a lot more difficulty and teamwork..

execution wise for kicks.. keep your backs straight.. point your toes and keep the base leg nice and straight also. dont be so bouncy when youre kicking.

again with the tossing to yourselves... maybe toss out?

i really like the ripples you guys have.. especially when you execute them well..

your double-flag and one-flag sections could be longer to show more difficulty..

overall good job temple city! you have a lot of strong points and a lot of potential. keep your chins and energy up throughout the routine and work on your timing and formations. really watch those ripples and exchanges and maybe add more exchanges and tricks.. i really believe you guys can handle more difficulty trick wise. again, watch your soloists and breaking into groups... really make sure the formations/levels are right in order to showcase those GREAT movements that you guys have. good job again! i hope my comments have been helpful! have a great competition season!


Anonymous said...

I agree with the last commenter
But i Really Like you Intro
Keeep up The good Work Ladies!!!

Anonymous said...

Great routine. Has a lot of potential once it's cleaned up.

Anonymous said...

their routines always look exactly the same, and their music sounds exactly the same every year. not to mention they jack tricks from poly and seem completely unashamed of doing it.

Anonymous said...

good routine still in the "rookie" stage but showing more potential. Lacking originality and music and tricks never change from last year. If you will "copy" some tricks from other squads.. Own it and make it a "temple City" trick not a Poly/C.I./Carson/Narbonne trick.. No offense cause it shows in your routine and people will remember those tricks. Good Luck at Regionals ladies!!

Anonymous said...

temple city will be temple city. no use in teaching an old dog new tricks.

Anonymous said...

Ouch to some of the comments above!