Friday, January 4, 2008

Upcoming: Schurr H.S.

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Happy New Year!

Sharp has finally REposted the line-up for the competition this Saturday (January 5th). So far, it has listed both Bell and San Pedro performing their one and two flag routines and Bishop Montgomery and Arcadia performing their two flag routines...

Schurr High School
820 N Wilcox Ave Montebello, CA 90640 (Directions)

$10 for Adults, $8 for Children, Free for children 6 and under

Pep Flag Solo at 2:10pm
Shirley from San Pedro
Vanessa from San Pedro
Melinda from Arcadia

Pep Flag Duets at 2:30pm
Shirley and Vanessa from San Pedro

Pep Flags at 3:05pm
Bell (1*)
San Pedro (1)
Bishop Montgomery (2**)
Bell (2)
San Pedro (2)
Arcadia (2)

Awards at 3:45pm

*Denotes One Flag category
**Denotes Two Flag category

I will be updating soon with graphics for each team as well as fliers to advertise the competition. Have a safe and happy New Year!


melinduhh. said...

im doing a solo?!?!?
oh ok.. thats nice to know
i didnt know ..

Jen said...

Well, that's what the sharp line-up said... if you'd like you can check yourself.

It just got updated and "a" melinda is still on it if its not you..maybe there's another melinda on the team..who knows?

I'll update and add San Pedro..