Wednesday, January 23, 2008

from lbp, pt. II

hi, everyone.

first of all, we want to apologize for coming off as.. well, however you think we came off as. the first blog was written on impulse, and we realize that it was completely unnecessary. we have enough to worry about at the moment, and drama is the very last thing we need, or need to cause. second, we want to make it clear, without getting into details, that we–like every other team–have certain issues we have to deal with, and although most of you already know what's going on, the bottom line is we're not perfect. we also never meant to accuse any other team of doing anything but their best, and we commend them for handling their business, regardless of how they choose to do so.

our intentions were/are never bad, but what's done is done, and hopefully we can all move on now. we don't usually take anything anyone says about us (good or bad) too seriously. this is a really useful and informative site and we would hate for it to become the center of gossip. so basically, we're sorry for our momentary lapse of judgement.

for the rest of the season, we wish everyone good luck!

<3 the peppers.


Anonymous said...

nice try.

flags for all said...

Although the previous blog that LBP wrote did some damage by causing a whole stir of drama, I commend LBP on apologizing because it always takes a lot of courage to do that.

Even though some people may not your apology, I think you guys should still hold your heads up high and don't worry about the haters cause there will always be haters to bring you down.

I guess you can just take this as a lesson and move on and know to fight your battles at competition and not here.

Hope to see you at nationals and good luck!

Anonymous said...

The only thing that I have to say is that you're a "TWO FACE", and so is your team.

Anonymous said...

come on now.. give them a break.. they were just trying to clear things up said about them. simply a retort.. what does it matter to you about what they said? you talking shit is not going to make your team better or their team worse.. they have nothing to prove to you guys, all they wanted to do is clarify a lot of the lingering assumptions made about their team. why don't you jsut all grow up and move on

Anonymous said...

Long Beach Poly Peppers knew that the only way to WIN was to set aside the weak members from the strong members. Sorry to say, but you had to go that low just to win.

mark_anthony said...

Wow. What makes people think that they are the authority of the pep flag community? Who decides what is right and wrong?

I do not think there was any intention on Long Beach Poly's part to "take their strong members and set aside their weak" just to win. Their intention is everyone else's at Regionals: to QUALIFY for Nationals. And unless you are from Bishop Montgomery, then you weren't close enough to First Place to have won the 2-Flag division ANYWAY, so why is everyone getting so angry?

The Peppers made an executive decision, and next time they KNOW the Pep Flag community is full of unkind, unreasonable, close-minded individuals and to NOT give anyone an explanation to what they do. Because all that will get them is stuff thrown back in their face.

The funniest thing is that everyone is doing this "anonymous." How sweet is that... Let's bash high school students under an anonymous alias. Because that is very mature.

If you have a valid opinion, state it... If you don't, then don't say anything at all. If you all you're going to do is bash other's, at least have the dignity to state who you are.

But you won't, because you can dish stuff out but are too scared for stuff to get dished right back at you.

Great Job Peppers. Q, don't listen to anything the nay-sayers are saying. Just keep working hard. You know wassup.

Anonymous said...

so why do teams create JV squads then? are those people too WEAK to perform?

other squads do the same thing. why are you picking on LBP? things happen and sometimes people have to perform that way.

why did carson perform with 4?
why does bell only perform with 6 when they have 70+ people?
why does oxnard perform with 7 for 2 flag but 8 for the 1 flag?
why does bishop perform 10 in 1 flag but 9 in 2 flag?
why does arcadia only perform with 5?
why doesnt san pedro's JV compete with their Varsity?

so who says you cant perform with however many members you like right?

your criticism is appalling.

Anonymous said...


Q it was a nice thing to write another blog in response to the first, but anyone worth meaningful to read it has already done so. thier is no intention to leave this blog posted, so just delete it.

Anonymous said...

I think that the comparisons people are making to other teams aren't quite matching up. Poly strictly used their 4 returnees from last year, whereas Carson (who also had four) included rookies - and they took that risk. Same with the other teams, yes they are free to pick and choose whomever they want, but it was a mixture of old and new members, and you can definitely tell which ones were new. What I don't completely agree with is that, while I think Poly's routine is ok and it was performed clean THAT DAY and deserved first THAT DAY, whoever this Tiff person is saying that Poly is a top team to beat, isn't quite correct. What makes them a top team to beat when Poly themselves admitted to not being ready, their rookies not picking up on the routine fast enough, etc. and whatever other reasons they had dished out?

Anonymous said...

dude you need to leave LBP alone. why are you being such a hater?

get out there on the floor yourself and shut us all up then if you think youre so high and mighty.

Tiffany said...

Yeah, I am the "Tiff person." I said Long Beach Poly deserved first at Orange, and to really throw something out there--I think they should have taken first in one flag as well. And no, I am not from Poly.

Who are you to say that I am not correct in my opinion of who should have taken, and actually ended up taking, first place? Whether or not LBP was ready on that day is of no significance whatsoever. That information was revealed post-facto, and all that mattered in terms of placings at the competition was how they performed, and they performed VERY well. I stand by my claim that they are one of the top teams BASED ON WHAT I SAW THAT DAY. I don't keep up with drama from other teams, and I don't care. All I know, and what the judges know, is what they see out there on the floor. LBP owned that day. It was just unfortunate that they had to explain themselves to people who felt they "cheated" their way into first place, just because you can't come to terms with the fact that they were the best THAT DAY.

None of us can change the past; so I really don't see the point of sitting at your computer throwing dirty comments at Poly for choosing a solution to a problem that existed on their own team. It's none of your business why they chose to perform with four, and I think it says a lot that even though they were struggling, they only performed with four people (think limitations on formations? no other team could have looked that good with four people) and managed to take first.

I bet they'll place high at Nationals. There I said it.

And. what.

Anonymous said...

hahaha we love you tiffany.
i think it's funny to read all the ones where people try and start drama.

please, give us examples of how poly is so two faced?

freedom said...

can all you just shut the fuck up! regionals is done and over with! quit all this talk like you know what's going with lbp! don't even try to put a sense out of this post because well, it's not helping but all you fuckers just want to keep arguing. let fucking LBP handle their shit. they've said their sorries to carson, and im sure thy will apologize in person so let them be! all fuckers need to grow up! and i bet most of you are not in high school anymore!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

if you people think of trying to say any kind of negative crap here, you guys will be out of your mind.

there is no way that these guys even MEANT to be wrong at all.
leave them be.

regionals is over.
and so is this "drama"
even though there shouldn't have been any.

get em! said...

thank you to the previous posters! why are you trying to start UNNECESSARY drama.. who were you trying to prove in hating on poly? they were simple trying to CLARIFY what you ignorant chatterbox posters were insinuating.. give them a break because i'm sure they're going to definitely become one of the top teams at nationals.

VenturaCountyJackrabbitAlly said...

I swear to Buddha if I read one more post from anymore haters, I'm going to reach through my screen and shove my shaft up the nearest *ssh*l* I get a hold of until the tip comes out of their mouth.

What is wrong with all of you?

How many of you haters even know where Long Beach Poly is located?

As said by many championship winning sports teams, and "Bring In On," "To be the best, you've got to beat the best."

Now all you haters who are currently on a flag squad, get your sh*t together, so you can prove yourself on that Anaheim stage, b*tch*s!!!

It's so sad to see how even in your own community, everyone's so cutthroat and trying to undermine the others. You all should probably take note of how Channel Islands and Long Beach Poly demonstrated camaraderie last year by spending a day at the Disneyland Resort TOGETHER!!!

Some of you are such a disgrace to short flags; many of you belong in the stands as spectators, not as twirlers.

I'm through with this...

Ms. Gaucho said...

Ouch. That'll hurt.

I say the adult coaches of these squads should reach out to each other and organize a fellowship clinic.

Perhaps, teach a short sideline routine to everyone? Let it be a potluck luncheon? Host it at a park located in the middle of all participating schools? Take pictures, have a meet and greet?

Oh, and Jen? Maybe, you should have a matching page and have every available short flag squad be added as friend?

I'm all for peace and harmony, especially after Christmas, the start of 2008, and the MLK holiday...

Dr. Phil said...

damn people. throw away the haterade. where is the love? for seriously.

Jen said...

Well ms. gaucho, there is already a It's the Bishop Montgomery Short Flags Myspace.

As for all the comments, a great deal of them could have been without. But having an open forum like this, there will be many unwanted statements here and there. Just please try to tolerate and agree to disagree.

Again Congratulations to Long Beach Poly!

Ms. Gaucho said...

Well, Jen, be creative as your site.

Name it something like,

I'm not EVEN trying to tell you what to do.

So, don't trip, chocolate chip.