Saturday, January 5, 2008

Sharp Schurr H.S. Recap

On Saturday, January 5th Sharp International hosted the first pep flag competition of 2008 at Schurr High School. The participants included Arcadia, Bell, Bishop Montgomery, and San Pedro. The first division was comprised of two soloists from San Pedro: Shirley, and Vanessa (Melinda, originally on the line-up, pulled out for not knowing about her solo). The second involved the two performing in a duet.

The one flag division was made up of a last minute Bishop Montgomery following with Bell and then San Pedro. The two flag division included the same three schools, in addition with Arcadia...

Award Recaps..
1st: Shirley from San Pedro
2nd: Vanessa
from San Pedro

1st: Vanessa & Shirley
from San Pedro
One Flag
1st: Bishop Montgomery
2nd: San Pedro
3rd: Bell

Two Flag
1st: Bishop Montgomery
2nd: San Pedro
3rd: Arcadia
4th: Bell

After the awards from the morning competitions ended, the solo division started off with San Pedro's Shirley following by her teammate Vanessa. Both solos were strong as both competitors' routines were slightly inspired by other solos performed in the past. Their duet was also a little rough.

Although not featured the posted line-up, Bishop Montgomery started off the one flag division with only one drop in their one flag debut with a brand new "love mix". Bell premiered their one flag with a new mix and new uniforms from last year. San Pedro performed with last year's Michael Jackson mix, but revamped it to suit the present amount of members on the team.

The pep flag division continued with two flag. Bishop Montgomery's first competitive performance of two flag went off to a rocky start, they eventually pulled it all together through to the end. Their routine, however, made up for all the loose ends. Following Bishop was Bell, who unknowingly walked out onto the floor before they were supposed to. After a Sharp Staff employee advised them to exit the floor, they re-entered and performed their two flag. Their mix contained a few songs from the previous year's (circa Narbonne 2004), but the music in its entirety was their own. San Pedro performed a cleaner version of their two flag from Whittier, there were a few breaks here and there, but overall much cleaner from the video. Arcadia was last on the line-up. The timing for the team was a little off but their showmanship was very up to par with the other teams.

Accordingly, I believe the placements were all well deserved. Congratulations to everyone!

See everyone at Agoura!

(sorry if this post isn't very well detailed. It's hard for me to remember every detail AND I'm so sorry for not posting SUPPORT icons for this competition. I completely forgot about those ! )

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