Tuesday, January 15, 2008


As requested by Tiff... I would like to share with all of you my take on hair preparations for competitions. This is mainly for the ladies, but no worries guys take a minute and read this, you could be a big help when the time comes.

Alrighty! First and foremost if you wanna have bomb hair, you need to have the right tools!

1.) Hair rollers
- I believe the best hair rollers to use are the foam hair rollers. DO NOT use the stiff pointy looking ones! They are most likely to tangle your hair and leave it looking gnarly.

2.) Hair products
- This totally depends on the amount of time you have. If plan to curl up your hair the night before comps, use mousse. If you don't feel like doing it the night before, hairspray is the only option you have!
- If you choose to use mousse, pick the one that is designed for extreme hold. The better the hold the longer it stays, ladies... but i'm pretty sure you know that already.
- If you use hairspray.... one word AQUANET... it's cheap, it's reliable, it's OLD SCHOOL! Warning, that stuff can smell so beware!

3.) Combs
- Go for the small teethed combs, the smaller the better. They are great for evening out strands of hair and they are super cheap to buy!
- Avoid using brushes, they detangle your hair just fine, but you won't get an even texture like you would a comb.

4.) Hair ties
- If you have thick hair, use thick hair ties, same goes with thin hair. The thicker the tie the more support you will have... when I mean thick hair ties I don't mean hair scrunchies... YUCK! No offense to those who love scrunchies. I recommend Goody hair ties!
- Go with the black hair ties, unless your team has you use a specific color.


*BEFORE STARTING WASH YOUR HAIR!! The products may not stick to your hair very well if you don't clean it... that's my opinion anyway... PLUS YOU DON'T want your hair to smell!

*Wait until your hair completely dries before you attempt to tie your hair, other wise your ponytail will sag as you curl making it more difficult. I suggest waiting at least an hour after you dry your hair with a blow dryer. Drying your hair with a hair dryer, dries up your hair quick but it doesn't completely dry your hair, plus if you wait, it gives time for your hair to defrizz a bit.

*When you tie your ponytail, brush your dry hair as best as you can, tangles make it harder! Find the center of the top of your head, that's where the ponytail should be... the higher the ponytail, the more bouncy you're going to look when you perform! As best as you can smooth out your hair all the way around. You can apply mousse as you do it, if you do, work fast because if it sets before you're done, it's going to be difficult.

** When your ponytail is complete, it's time to use the rollers. From your ponytail take a strand of hair from the front of the ponytail but don't take too much, it will take longer for it to dry.

** When you have the strand of hair between your fingers, comb it through with the small teethed comb, make sure it's as detangled as you can get it.

** Apply the mousse or hairspray to the strand. Do not go overboard with the hair products ladies and gents! It's messy plus it takes longer to dry! I would apply just enough product to get the strand damp and not completely wet!

**After you apply the product, comb the strand once again with the small teethed comb. I usually followed the combing by pinching the stand between my thumb and forefinger to ensure smoothness.

** Take a roller, and starting from the tip of your strand, wrap it around the roller until you are at the base of the strand. You can roll your hair inward or outward, it doesn't matter, it all depends on how you like it. Clip the hair roller shut. You can tightly wind the strand around the roller to your liking, i prefer to do it tight so the rollers won't move around.

REPEAT ** steps in order until you run out of hair to roll. Start from the front of your ponytail to the back of it!

* After you're done curling all your hair, I suggest wrapping the bun of rollers with a handkerchief (is that spelled right?) or any material you have to keep it in check!


* When you're ready to glam up for the big performance, start removing the rollers from the back of the ponytail to the front! Take it one strand at a time if you're not in a time constraint. Starting from the back of the ponytail, unclip the roller then unwind the roller in the opposite direction which it was curled. If you curled it inward unwind it outward and vice versa.

*When all rollers are out, PLEASE DOUBLE CHECK (that's the last thing a judge should see!) spray the curls with hairspray.

* Then tidy up your hair... hairspray all the loose baby hairs and comb towards the ponytail with a small teeth comb.




Extensions can be very difficult to prep, that's why I highly recommend that you practice until you can get the results you desire... this is simply a rough guide, it all up to how you want to style it.

Another method to do your hair is by using curly hair extensions... If you plan on using hair extensions it is best to practice a couple of days before the actual comp to get a feeling of how you want it to look like. The last thing you want is to stress about it the day of the comp.

EXTENSIONS are best for those who have short hair or thin hair, that is long enough to make a ponytail at the top of your head.

* First and foremost it's always important to choose what type of extensions you want. There are many different kinds of curled extensions to choose from so it is best if you get one that's similar to the curls your team is planning to have.

IMPORTANT pick one that is closest to your hair color, if you have a second hand, seek their opinion, the last thing you want is to have is your curls a different color than your real hair.

when you're ready to do the do, repeat the first 3 steps from the curl process.

*When your finished with your ponytail, wrap it in a bun then wrap the bun with a hair net and secure it with bobby pins. You know it's secure when you shake your head around and the bun stays in place.

* You should predetermine the length of how you want the extension to be. Add 6 inches to that to incorporate the length needed to wrap around the bun.

* Take the all extensions in your hand and find the middle. Take the middle of the extension and place it on the front of the bun. From there, take both ends of the extension and wrap it around the bun getting as much of the extension under the bun as you can.

* When both ends meet each other on the top, place the extensions to make it look like a ponytail. Hide the bun as best you can!

*With a hair tie, tie the extension around the bun. Make it look as natural as possible.
*Secure the extension with bobby pins... you may need a lot depending on the thickness of the extension.
SHAKE YOUR HEAD TO TEST IT, if the extension starts to fall, pin it. THEY SHOULD BE SECURE BEFORE YOU PERFORM!
Hairspray all loose baby hairs and with a small teethed comb... comb toward your ponytail.
There are many ways to style your hair for comps. You can use corn rolls with a curled ponytail, faux hawks with curled ponytails... BE CREATIVE... don't be afraid to show off some style!
If there is anyone who would like to add to this posting... feel free!!!


Jen said...

I know this may sound gross, but you shouldn't wash your hair right before curling. Washing your hair usually involves conditioner, which has chemicals designed to straighten and relax your hair to untangle itself.

I would either wash it the night before or earlier in the day before the competition, and curl that night. If you MUST shower the night before, then only use shampoo. That way, it will be clean but still be able to take the hair spray..

You should probably add pictures to make it easier for people

jason sir. said...

haha this is small, but ive found that GOT2B freeze spray has a longer hold than aguanet. its a few bucks extra, but you can find them at any kmart or wal-mart.

bye now.

Lance in my Pants said...

aww, memories of helping the girls with their CRAZY STICKY hair.

and its always funny when right after a performance, you hug a performer, come to find a curler that they forgot to pull out is still stuck deep within their curls.

yeah boys have it easy. gel&go!

hamTARo said...

I agree with Jen, dirty hair curls the best! I know it sounds gross but it's true. Also, I've found that pump hairspray works really good to hold curls. Sally Beauty has a great one by Beyond The Zone. (It's a purple bottle...looks similar to bedhead brand). This one works really good to curl the night before but is SUPER sticky like super glue on your hands. It dries really fast and makes your curls really last. Sally also has a great deal on rattail combs. Yo can get a whole box of maybe 20 for less than 3 bucks. They also have a great selection of bobby pins in all colors and sizes as well as hair elastics. Another good trick is to use end papers when you roll your curls. It keeps the ends from getting bent ond keeps the whole curl uniform from base to tip.

Anonymous said...

Well, whenever I had to put my hair in curls, I'd still shower before, BUT I wouldn't use conditioner... Just shampoo. So, for those that still want to shower before you put curlers in your hair, just DON'T use conditioner! :D

Monique said...

After sleeping in rollers, I used to spray with hair spray the morning of the comp and blast it with hot air from the blow dryer and wear my rollers until we got there. Then spray again with hairspray and then take out curlers and spray one last time!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Short Flags IS a sport. It's in the sport section of my yearbook. All I have to say is that if cheer is a sport then short flags is too.