Friday, December 7, 2007

UCSD and Collegiate

Here's University of California San Diego's flag team: it's great feat to bring a team to a college campus. Although there is one another team, UC Berkley (Pep Flags wikipedia), competition between the two schools is practically non-existent.

I know of many people, including myself, who are alumni of their respective high schools only to enter colleges without a welcoming pep flag squad to join. It would be nice to see a collegiate pep flag division, and as many alumni of various schools attend the same colleges (i.e. California State University Long Beach), it would also be interesting to see such different styles collaborate at a more established level. If you consider how long some alumni spend on each school, 1 to as much as 4 years, the collegiate (or maybe even All star?) level could permit for more advanced choreography.

If you're interested in more UCSD videos check out Dnormus's channel on Youtube.


dnormus said...

That would be cool if there are more colleges out there that had a short/pep/twirl team. It's nice to have the opportunity to twirl after high school and it brings so many different styles together! It's not that hard to set up a team either! Although on the collegiate level it's only considered a rec club and not a sport, all you need is enough people to start a club and... boom you have a team. You never know, maybe in a couple years we may see an all star or collegiate competition... we'll just have to wait and see!! ;)

Nina said...

i would LOVE to join a collegiate flag team! i did it in high school, but it was short-lived... i never made it to camp! :[ does anyone know of any established collegiate team in norcal?

is there a way to just go to a flag camp without a team? that might be the dumbest question to ask, but i really want to get back into it! thanks! :]