Friday, December 14, 2007

another view on posting competition videos

Here's a little recap and bit more about how I feel about posting NEW videos (as in the current competition season) on Youtube.

Like I said in the Chatterbox, the only way I think it would be okay is IF you had the coach OR team's CONSENT to post it. Sevenno is a great example of this since he has done it with Long Beach Poly's 1-flag & 2-flag routines from USA Nationals 2007. If you do not have consent, it would be a safe bet to save yourself the drama and post it after Miss Dance/Drill Team USA (which is typically the "end" of the competition season).

I don't know how other people feel about this issue, but I personally don't think it's appropriate to record a competition and post the routines on Youtube until AFTER competition season, especially if the routine is NOT yours.

Let's not forget the fact that at many competitions, "technically" (and use the term VERY loosely) we are SUPPOSED to only be recording our OWN teams' routines. AND that, again "technically" you are not allowed to post a video on YOUTUBE of someone else without their consent. It's in the So a team can submit a complaint to Youtube, and have a video taken down.

Now, it's unlikely any team would do so about old videos, because heck... we all love watching pep flag videos. But if some renegade decides to post NEW videos, they can easily be shut down with a complaint to Youtube.

For the love of pep flags, I know that many of us love to watch other team's routines. And therefore, we record other teams to watch at home or we wait anxiously for someone to post a "new" video up. But I believe these videos are watched for their nostalgic values: to remember that specific year's routines. The whole excitement of a new competition season is to see these routines LIVE. Not on some small screen on your computer. If we started posting every competition, by Nationals we'd be bored...

We would have already seen everyone's routines 100+ times.

Let's not kill the excitement. Save the Youtube postings to RELIVE the routines. It's comp season, so let's go to the competitions and RELISH the routines.


Sevenno said...

Mark A,

Thanx for the props. I agree whole heartedly with posting opposing teams' routines. Out of the respect for the teams' respective coaches, choreographers, and alums, without their expressed consent, it would be wise that the routines are posted after the season is completed. Competition is an exciting time of year. Anticipation to see new choreography is a highlight. But please respect the rights of the young ladies and men who have worked very hard to accomplish these amazing routines. View the routines privately until after competition season is completed. Thanks Mark again for the props.

dnormus said...

I agree... consent is best!! It's great to see all the routines and reminisce about the good ol' times, that's why I like to watch them. I honestly have to say that it's nice to see the routines early because I haven't been able to go to competitions, but then again it's worth the wait!