Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Kyoei Gakuen 2006

In case you missed the Miss Dance/Drill Team competition last year, you missed out on quite a show! This was the year they held the international competition in UC Irvine along with many foreign teams to compete in prop, pom, and other divisions. Fortunately, one of them were competing in the pep flag division from Kyoei Gakuen High School in Japan.

(Although the video is not from MDDT, they are performing the same routine)

Here is a picture we took with them at Miss Drill. They threw up the peace signs so naturally lol.

Requested by 3ipplethreat78


Anonymous said...

they were sooo good! they performed this at San Pedro High. San Pedro Shorties bonded with them and exchanged different styles of twirling and tricks. These girls are so amazing. They were the sweetest girls i've ever meet.

kaylacone said...

this is probably one of the best memories of being on san pedro's shorties!! they were soooo cute!! for anyone who thinks short flags is sharp in so cal...check out these ladies. their angles and their fanline were INSANE!! and their flags were surprisingly heavy compared to ours so im never complaining again lol it was so cool that they came to our school and they were so excited,it made it that much more fun!!