Saturday, December 22, 2007

Graphics Update

I wonder if any one other than Bishop Montgomery fans out there has known, but I made the girl featured on their sweater for the 2006-2007 season year.

This year, I'm testing out this new one (right) with realistic looking curls, makeup, and open eyes!

I'm actually trying to figure out a way to ..make it so I can apply each teams uniform / style to a base. It's pretty difficult to make a girl anonymous with colors being such a huge influence on what school it is.

I'm also experimenting with animation to show the twirls-- if you haven't seen this one--but with a much cuter character. Maybe even perform a routine for you? That's way later in the process, I still need to learn flash animation to get up to that level.

This means that more animated pictures for you competing teams! I really want to commend you guys for getting out there and twirling in front of such an audience of alumni and fans. So as each competition comes up, expect a new batch of banners / animations for the participating schools!

I am also working on perfecting my boy design--for the male team members, coaches, etc-- for all the guys involved in pep flags. Guys actually have a huge impact on teams with two of the top schools to be headed by male coaches, Glenn from Bishop and Mark from Channel Islands.

I've definitely made a male character before (for our 2005-2006 season when David was the first male to compete), but I want to expand the character to be more versatile.

I'd love to know what you guys think, or more importantly, what you'd like me to make for you!


Anonymous said...

the BMSH shortflags sweater design is definetly one of a kind! cute, unique, and one of a kind!

and yeah bishop did have a boy didnt they? in 05 or 06?

David and the boy from Oxnard, lance I think, they were the first competitive male pep flaggers.

but suddenly david disappeared off the face of the pep flag competition world, and lance made oxanard stand out, and alone, in terms of being a co-ed squad in the pep flag division for about all of the 2nd half of the 2oo6 season right?

i think...

but why was that?

they were both good too.

and the 2007 addition of Kevin, Joe, Denny, and Oscar, plus the guy from oxnard's return, made last year intersting! since most of them made it to finals! major props! to all males in this division, coaches and members!

Anonymous said...

oops I think I meant
BMHS, not SH.

Bishop Montgomery High School shortflags! the one of a kind, and I think the only private Catholic high school with a pep flag team?

Jen said...

Bishop had a male member in 2006 (my graduation year), and his name is David. He was the first male to perform competitively (in 2005 Sharp International Camp) while he was on the JV team.

It was so long ago, but I think it was after the Regionals weekend he just had some personal problems with the school that he had to withdraw from the team and we had to continue with only 5. He transferred to West Torrance High School the following year.

I also think St. Patrick St. Vincent High School has a team also? According to the wikipedia.

Anonymous said...

I guess you could say BMHS had the first male to compete, in the "new era" of flags... didn't Morse have a three guy team back in the 80's?

dnormus said...

Yup Morse did!! It turned out, one of them became an advisor to the squad when I was on it! I think he's cheering with UCA now... I'm not 100% sure though.

Anonymous said...

Actually Everyone, SAN PEDRO HIGH ahd the first MALE short flagger name Sal in 1998. My understanding is that he perform all of fall season in football games but due to personal problems he never made to competition season. Otherwise we would've seen the first male in competition in 1998.

Jen said...

Well Lance was also part of Oxnard's team for a year before David, he just didn't compete (see 2005). David first competed in 2006 at Sharp Camp, so that is what he is known for. Oxnard's Lance is known for being the first male to compete at USA Nationals.

We never said they were the FIRST male pep flag members..just the first ones to COMPETE (in the 'new era')