Sunday, December 9, 2007

For 'holiday classic' Competitors

Please save to your own server, thank you!

EDIT: I will be coming out with better graphics for you as the season continues. Good luck this Saturday! and here's one more for you..


mark_anthony said...

stupid question = how do i save this?


AND i love the new layout, but i miss the animated flags... they were fun to watch. =)

p.s. even though i don't formally know you jen, thanks for taking the time to actually do this. don't listen to weird anonymous comments or chatterbox messages. you are doing something positive for the pep flag community, and for that: i know many people are grateful. keep it up! =)

oxnard_twirlaholics said...

ditto the thanks.

you've worked so hard for this sport and to counteract the negativity generated by others. please know that it is truly appreciated and that you have our support.


Jen said...

Just right click on the photo you want to save and select "Save Image As" It should lead you to where you want to save it.

tiffany said...

so cute! & thanks for the addition of the hoover icon :D.
this may sound a little redundant, but i think the neutrality of this site is such a relief from all the hyped-up "competition" between the flags teams.. afterall, pep flags is one big family :). ahah
thanks again!
-tiffany from hoover pep flags

dianalovee. said...

these are so cute && funny,
im putting some
on my myspacee :D.
you really are doing a positive thing
by increasing the peace
in our pep flag community lol :].

im glad i went on our shortie
myspace pg so i could
see this website, its better
than myspace haha.
<3 diana.

Anonymous said...

i think you need to put more stuff about glendora!!!