Monday, November 26, 2007


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The earlier years have used DDR soundtrack mixes. There is also the anime known as Initial D that features fast paced music in its driving sequences. Some have found songs just watching tv and using soundtracks Narbonne's two flag from 2005 sounds distinctly similar to the ESPN theme song or other fun sounding songs from television. Other sources include Japanese, Korean, or Chinese pop sources.

But lately I've come to realize that there are no set type music used for the teams. The theme for some teams in one flag have been to use familiar oldies songs, such as Carson, Channel and Oxnard's Beatles Mix. Long Beach Poly used "Let's hear it for the boy" in recognition of their single male member on the team along with Saved by the Bell theme song, "Hey Mickey", and "Jitterbug". Both Bishop and Morse has used an 80s mix in 2006. Channel Islands used just last year the theme song to the movie trailer "In the Land of Women". Carson used a clip from the song "Hollaback Girl" by Gwen Stefani, suitable because they were featured in the same music video.

As there is no set type of music for the discipline, most songs used are 130-150 BPM (or Beats Per Minute).

If you have money to spare and are looking for a mix, my friend Ren makes mixes for pep flag, cheer, and dance teams at a reasonable price. Please visit:

But remember to NEVER use another school's entire mix in competition. Bell used Narbonne's 2004 mix and have been targeted for stealing etc. Good luck!


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Unfortunately, no.

That was my last competition of the year and I watched their performance from the sidelines.

I hope someone has it though!

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How can i contact Ren?

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Kind of late in seeing this, but if anyone is interested in music/mixing services please visit my page and contact me through there, thanks :)