Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Pep vs Short vs Small vs....??

We've all heard it before. The long list of titles each team has labeled their Pep Flag squad: Pep Flags, Short Flags, Flaggies, Small Flags, Peppers, Twirl Flags, Shorties, Trick Flags, Flaggers, Twirlaholics etc.

With so many names, who could know that it's all the same thing? To each team, they are different meanings. Let's list a few, shall we?

Pep Flags

The most generic title of the discipline. If you're looking for the division in a formal competition, such as MDDT or USA or Sharp, you're best bet will be looking for Pep Flags.

Short Flags

A more frequently used term used by Channel Islands, Bishop Montgomery, Bell, and Oxnard (some only on occasion); This is also to oppose a similar term, "Tall Flags" aka color guard which is just a limited and larger scaled version of pep flags.

Small Flags

Used solely by Narbonne. This term has often been associated with the graceful traditional style of Narbonne.


Used initially by Carson. This term has been linked with Carson's cute bouncy and energetic style.


Long Beach Poly and sometimes Bell (to refer to the vegetable Bell Peppers); A play on the word "Pep", from "Pep Flags"; It's relatively new and doesn't have a style linked with the term.

Twirl Flags

Morse and UCSD; stems from the actual verb of handling the flags without letting it leave your hands, "twirling";


San Pedro; Similar to Peppers from "Pep" in "Pep Flags" Shorties stems from "Short" in "Short Flags";

Trick Flags

Adolfo Camarillo; Referring to the noun of letting the balls out of reach to re-catch in any manner; can also mean, to embellish with techniques for attention.


Hoover; Similar to "Flaggies";


Oxnard, also used; The suffix "aholic" is used to hint at their addiction to twirling.

Sho' Flags

Channel Islands, also used; A contraction (or shorter version) of "Short" relieving from RT; can also be used in reference to the word "Show" which Channel Islands is popularly known for.

Short Flagstuhhs

Bishop Montgomery, lesser used; Just adding the suffix "STUHH" after "Short Flags"; Just used by the team in reference to themselves in jokes or to friends.

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Anonymous said...

Hoover calls themselves pep flags..not flaggers :), but thanks for remembering us!