Sunday, November 25, 2007

Channel Islands in the lead

By watching the few votes shown in the poll, I can take a wild guess that Channel Islands will be the one to beat for this season. Here's my opinion on this Champion team:

Note: The following information may be incorrect. I do not believe I know every single thing, so please do not throw rocks at me for being wrong.

Last year, the 2006-2007 season, they have won 1st place in every single one of their competitions (except for the 2nd Place at Agoura for two flag and the 1st Place under at West for one flag). But that was at the beginning of the season for mediocre qualifying competitions. They have also made their routine chock full of innovative choreography that is also clean and sharp (I personally enjoyed their line exploding into a "starburst" in their one flag).

I could imagine many schools trying to imitate Channel's best moves..but the majority WILL fall short. We've seen attempts throughout the years, and we all know how they turned out.

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Anonymous said...

2 flags channel islands only lost at regionals at agoura and 1 flag they lost at west to narbonne who won Champions while channel islands got first.