Sunday, November 4, 2007

Opinion / Hate?

Since the dawning of xanga's qtwirl, much uproar has surfaced from the pep flag community. The larger percentage proving to the afore mentioned blogger his (or her) standard weak arguments. Others, however, began to point stern fingers at who the culprit may be. From this opened the door for many people to create anonymous accounts to express their opinions to their full extent (no matter how hateful or glorified their comments would be).

My question is why can't these anonymous posters, bloggers, commenters, etc. Just come out and publicly express their opinion as their true selves? Qtwirl, I'm talking to you. You've become the leading target in this one. You need to crawl out of the rock you're living under and be a man (or woman). Tell your so-called "critiques" to the teams' faces. As for the rest of the anonymous others, be kind to each other. This is a sport that has connected us into a common community with a straight passion for the game.

I can't wait for competition season to start.

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