Saturday, January 9, 2016

USA Regionals 2016 @ Brea Olinda HS on Jan 17th


Note: Carson did not compete 

1 Flag
1st  – Morse
2nd – Temple City

2 Flags Novice
1st  – Glendora
2nd – Temple City

2 Flag
1st – Morse

Final Schedule:

1 Flag
4:00 – Morse
        – Carson 
4:15 – Temple City

2 Flags Novice
        – Glendora
5:00 – Temple City

2 Flags 
        – Morse
5:15 – Carson

Good luck to all the teams competing!


Anonymous said...

Exciting! Glad that Morse is going to compete again. I guess they'll be competing every year rather than every other year? I was getting concerned when they didn't compete during the SoCal Holiday Classics.

Anonymous said...

Loving Morse's new uniforms!

Anonymous said...

What are the results

Anonymous said...

Any videos?

Anonymous said...

Dang, Carson didn't compete? Then they won't qualify for nationals this year?
Looks like it's Morse vs. CI this year.

Hi said...

I wanna see morse rutine already I went to agoura CI is really good this year