Thursday, January 29, 2015

To All of SF Community


I am currently doing a research project on the topic of Short Flags for my class. I wish to understand it better and also to gather information on how to make the world of short flags better. An example would be creating an official website! I spoke with Jen and she has given me permission to do so. 

As you guys know there is not much information or publication out there about the short flags world other than what's on Wikipedia, Urban Dictionary, and this blog site. There's not even any information on how short flags started or where it originated from! Therefore I would like to ask the community these few questions:

1. What do you know about the history of short flags? (how it started, where it started, anything!)

2. What do you know about your school's history of short flags? And how would you describe your school's short flags style? (please state the school)

3. What do you think about short flags? 

4. Why do you think the number of schools that have short flags are declining? Or if you think it's rising, why do you think so?

5. What do you think about the exclusivity of the short flags world? In example:
-not sharing any videos until competition season is officially over (even after regionals)
-not sharing any tips or tutorials on youtube
-expressive dislike for unestablished schools who attempt to mimic moves from established schools
-expressive dislike for schools who try something new (new music style, a more peppy twirling style, etc.)

6. Do you think this exclusivity factors into the decline of short flags? What do you think can be done about the decline? 

7. Do you think short flags could be something even bigger and create more job opportunities in the field if it was more publicly known? For example:
-a separate division from cheerleading
-garnering sponsors to support financially
-all stars/more collegiate level of teams
-Worlds/International competitions
-maybe even an olympic sport (before you think becoming an olympic sport is impossible, lets remind ourselves that rhythmic gymnastics, synchronized swimming, and figure skating are olympic sports!)

8. If you could have a career in short flags, would you? (please state your reason)

9. Would you be interested in helping to publicize short flags?

10. What has short flags done to/for your life? (positive or negative)

Any information that you guys have would be highly appreciated and will help me create the future website! And anyone can answer, you don't have to be current or past short flags team member to answer. Coaches, parents, siblings, mix makers, or anyone who is/was involved in the short flags world are welcome to give their opinions! You don't have to answer all the questions if you do not wish to do so, answering just some would be great, but it would be super awesome if you could answer all of them :) The website is in the research stage and will hopefully be published in Summer!

Thank you in advance!

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rtian said...

1) I don't know much but I think it originated from Japan? It's mostly confined to Southern California schools. Sorry, don't know much about the history haha! :(
2) arcadia! Our pep squad history isnt super long, but we've always had Pep Flags. It used to be only for upperclassmen but it was later opened up for everyone to join! Our style is unique as we try to create lots of new tricks and mounts but we don't incorporate as much twirling. We also don't really use electronic dance music as much.
3) I THINK IT IS DA BOMBDIGGITY! Having spent my entire high school career being a part of the short flags team, it has definitely taught me a lot of valuable lessons about things like teamwork, setting goals, making compromises, and time management. As an alum, I'm so glad to have been able to have such an experience and take away all the memories and friends I made!
4) I think they're increasing! Apparently it's not just a socal thing anymore I think! Plus, some college campuses like UCSD have Pep Flag teams. It should be garnering more attention since Short Flags compete at many publicized spirit competitions.
5) I think members of all the teams are really encouraging and supportive since they are going through the same thing. However, since it is a competitive environment, you would not want your own team to be at a disadvantage, especially with all the practice and pain gone through to prepare for competition! Overall though, I think the sportsmanship of short flaggers is amazing. WHAT BETTER WAY TO BOND THAN OVER THAT TWIRLIN LIFE.
6) ARE WE REALLY DECLINING? ): aw man haha. I think it should be advertised more to be hyped up like cheerleading is in the media. They should include pep flags in movies and tv shows! That'd be cool haha. And also the schools that used to compete pep flags, we miss you :( where did you guys go!
7) Definitely, if it were more widespread, there would be more jobs in the field of coaching, silk-manufacturing, and everything related to things short flags team need! If it becomes integrated with cheerleading, there could be professional twirlers just like professional cheerleaders who cheer at NFL or NBA games!
8) I would love to but I probably don't have the athleticism LOL
9) Yes, I would love to help publicize short flags! It has been such a crucial part of my life that it feels like it is a part of me. I think short flags is an amazing sport/art and deserves much more attention than it gets right now!
10) Short flags has done so much for me (definitely POSITIVE). It helped me form bonds with some of the most amazing people and taught me lessons that I wouldn't have been able to learn if I had taken a different path. Going through the highs and the lows with your team calls for an amazing experience and never have I regretted being a part of it! The lessons and friends you take away from being a part of it doesn't end when you graduate/leave the team, and for that I think it's a very valuable experience to have.