Saturday, December 10, 2011

USA SoCal Holiday Classic @ Anaheim Convention Center


one flag
  1.  Hoover
two flag
  1. Channel Islands

A tentative line up has been posted!

one flag
 division starts at 4:30 p.m. 
  Channel Islands

two flag
 division starts at 5:45 p.m.

awards at 7:30 p.m.

Good luck to all teams!

Here is tentative information for USA's Southern Cal Holiday Classic competition, held on Saturday December 10, 2011. We'll update as the line-up becomes available. Good luck, happy holidays and let's kick off the season right!

For more information, visit: United Spirit Association

 800 West Katella Avenue
 Anaheim, California 92802


Anonymous said...

welcome comp season 2011-2012! who is going to so cal classics? soooo excited to see what everyone is going to bring.

Anonymous said...

who's goinnnnnnn???

Anonymous said...

good luck to everyone compteting tomorrow! WORK THOSE FLAGS!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to Hoover and channel islands but I think poly should have taken it in two flag

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

1 Flag:
1st place HOOVER (CI did not perform)
2 Flag:
1st place CI
2nd place POLY
oxnard and glendora also qualified.

Anonymous said...

all teams suck this year so far. well see in january if carson morse and bishop take the title this year

PepFlagTV said...

CI was very exciting...Their beginning was very great. Love the classical music in the beginning. I see how they try to change things up a bit, trying to get up to par with Morse last year. However, there are some parts of the routine and music that never change with CI. Tired of that same "Channel Islands" voice over...change it up! lol foreals make the voice a female or something! haha

Long Beach Poly, wow what a comeback performance...I love how everyone does three flag...thats something new. The routine was very nice. However, if you want to re-claim your title from 08, you need to change some things up a bit and do some cleaning in the routine. But, i love the energy, i love the execution, a few stumbles here and there but it was a great performance for a first comp! Not bad! The music was OK however I felt that towards the middle of the performance the music wasn't really a good choice with the great performance. I love the ending! Its new and intense!

Oxnard.....good job

Hoover...yall are like the new Bishop Montgomery lol

Again, we still have remaining competitors yet to see...anxious to see Bishop, Morse, and Carson. This is going to be an intense season! Good luck to all!

Videos for this competition are posted on youtube, however it is on private and i am not going to send it to anyone but alumnus or members of the their own team...

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

why didn't CI do one flag? i want to know what the theme is! I think that CI should stick to their traditional style of twirling. There's a reason why morse is morse.. and no team should try to be like an other.

Anonymous said...

long beach: you did really well. Good routine! clean it up and it could be a winner

channel islands: when I see you're routines I get excited to watch more, and this is no different good routine! keep up the good work

oxnard: wow you guys got so much better than last year keep up the good work, with some heavy cleaning that routine could go far!

hoover: some new things here and there just watch out with sloppiness keep it sharp and good!

Anonymous said...

Ayyyye LBP is steppin it up it looks like CI has some real competition this year

Anonymous said...

Morse has 5 people on their team for 11-12 and 2 are guys. This year's team looks really good, even though their first pep performance was kind of a mess in the middle.
Just to let those curious fellows know (: