Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Summer Camp

It's almost August and that means that we'll soon be catching our first glimpses of the 2008-2009 teams! Camp is a great way to socialize with other teams as well as an opportunity to bond with the newbies/rookies/etc and give them a taste of competition season.

All my memories of camp have truly been memorial ones (if you haven't seen my yt videos) featuring only a few of my cherished camp experiences...

Sharp's Camp is coming up in Pomona, and I'm curious to see who is attending / performing.

If you didn't know already, I taught a few classes last year and I might and I believe we have some new instructors for this up and coming camp (I don't know if I'll be teaching also at this point..we'll see!)

But if you're interested in coming to sharp camp make sure to register on the official sharp website (beware the BEP intro on the welcome page).

There's also the USA camps available that same weekend at UCLA! (If anyone has more details let me know and I'll be sure to update)

Hope to see you all very soon!


Anonymous said...

this website sucks without the chatterbox.

Jen said...

well I wonder if you're just saying it "sucks" because there's no opportunity to freely speak their opinions here.

My vision of the website was to bring the community information and not to put down any of the teams which the chatterbox ultimately did.

We'll see if I'll bring it back, but the chatterbox seems useless now due to the off season.

PROchatterbox said...

What I think the previous person meant was that the chatterbox was the the main source of traffic on this website. Of course they'll be slander and gossip, however the chatterbox was a fun way to find out new info.. even the illegitimate rumors. Besides, you can't know every single detail about short flags, Jen. No offense.

Jen said...

I never assumed to know "every single detail". I don't know where I even slated to mention where I did.

I opened up the blog to people who wanted to add to it as they saw fit and thus limiting the spammers etc.

I also disliked how the chatterbox was making this website turn into a source of gossip and the slander. But if that's what entertains you, then so be it.

Let me know who is willing to dish out the $$ to bring back the chatterbox.

Anonymous said...

to get a free chatterbox


Anonymous said...

chattr box people just like to talk there mess cuase they are to much of lil *&%$# 's to say it in person most people know they wouldnt even dare go up to a school and talk shit dont bring the chatter box back givin these haters free entertainment if the send you checks then thats different but im most certain no one will

Anonymous said...


hoover :) said...

does anyone knoe who will be going to the USA camp at UCLA?