Tuesday, February 12, 2008

2008 Pep Flag Yearbook ! ! !

Interested in helping make a yearbook of all the teams of the 2008 Pep Flag Season?

Please take a group pictures of your squad in a formal, cute/funny, and solos of your team
and send them the short_flags flickr account.

Send all photos to:

There is no deadline but it would be great if you sent them in before Nationals.

Let make the first Pep Flags Yearbook!!!


Anonymous said...

um..maybe we should disregard arcadia..i think that'd be just..like, no offense..but cmon. there pretty messed up.

Anonymous said...

then you might as well have none of the flag groups in there. every team has it's problems, and I'm not saying that they're right, but all this hate mail is just inappropriate.

Anonymous said...


Liz said...

agreed. you know what you're messed up!

Rafael III said...

come on. This is something for all the teams that took part in this season regardless of what happened. No school should be left out just because some issues. It's a way for everyone (most importantly the kids who took part this year) to have a keepsake.

-Rafael III

Anonymous said...

especially for all the seniors out on the team and the newbies :D

Anonymous said...

we should do superlatives!
most improved
most popular
best routine
most hottest girl
most hottest guy
best personality

Anonymous said...

superlatives? for all teams or for each individual team?

we could make everyone vote with this blog, like the other little poll on the main page,
but wouldn't superlatives just make this whole a yearbook a big popularity contest?

i think a cute book with crapload of fun & memorable pictures with a little blurb per team will suffice

Anonymous said...

my school let everyone choose their superlative. haha. i think that would be fun. there were some random ones like "most likely to be found running in a field of daisies" but i dunno. maybe thats a little too far. but you know what i mean. i think it would be fun if teams chose what they were. like "most likely to all be found at disneyland" or "most likely to all be found eating ice cream on a rainy day" stuff like that.

Anonymous said...

yeah i like that idea better than the popularity contest superlatives choosing the best or the hottest. thats SO passe!

we should let each team choose what superlative they would like to be known for in the yearbook! that would be really unique, creative, funny, and memorable!

Anonymous said...

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